Add Transparency to Your Kitchen

signature kitchen and bathAdding transparency and incorporating glass in the design of your kitchen do help make your kitchen look larger. You may also consider buying glass kitchen door and tabletops. Placing a mirror around your kitchen is another way to make your kitchen seem twice larger.

Maintain Comfort
As you remodel your kitchen remember the main thing or objective is to achieve comfort like I stated above, there are various ways to make your kitchen feel larger but that doesn’t mean you remodel your kitchen in a way that may sacrifice your comfort. For example, there are those people who prefer simple country style, in that they find mirror tricks and lighting bothering. In case you are one such people just remodel your kitchen in a way that you feel most comfortable.

Kitchen Storage
You may consider adding storage in your kitchen walls in case you aim to increase the space of your kitchen through kitchen remodeling. Instead of adding more cabinet in your kitchen which will consume bigger space, you may opt to add some good looking shelves on your kitchen walls. Also, you may buy racks and magnetic holders which are very efficient in holding tools such as knives and metallic serving spoons.

I do realize that kitchen sizes do vary, in that there are some people who have small kitchens. Small kitchen remodel is usually challenging, however, depending on how you design your kitchen, it may look even more impressive than some large kitchens. Below are tips to help you remodel and enjoy your small kitchen.

Downsize Your Plans
You have to accept that you have a small kitchen, meaning it may be wise to use your kitchen for one main function which is cooking. So when remodeling your kitchen, your main objective will be to create a convenient workplace and ample storage. Also in your project remember to include the cooking stuff that is necessary.

Use different material
kitchenWhen remodeling small kitchen, incorporating complex architectural details may be impossible and that why you should be keen on the materials you use. For you to create an interesting and appealing style, you have to be willing to experiment. However, even when experimenting, try to follow your taste and also visualize the outcome of the combination of two different materials.

Open up small kitchen space
Your small kitchen may appear boxy or even claustrophobic because of the wall cabinets, this is because wall cabinets are usually very bulky especially in a small space. So instead of cabinets, you may consider racks and the open shelves. However, in order to keep your kitchen tidy and neat, make sure you organize your stuff regularly.