Choosing the perfect venue for a team building activity

Planning your next team building party? Are you torn in between choosing the perfect venue? Do not worry anymore ( Employees in an organization will always look forward to team building parties since its an ideal opportunity for them to have some fun outside the normalcy of work. It’s therefore vital that you plan you’re and pick a perfect venue. While torn in-between options, you should always choose a venue that will indeed be memorable for the day’s event.

Here are some tips on how to choose a perfect team building venue

1. Budgetary allocation

The first thing you need to consider is the cost of the venue you choose. It needs to fit within your budget range and still have enough to cater for other expenses ( Remember hiring the venue is not the only expense in your budget since you also have to ensure your staff is happy and comfortable throughout the day. Choose a venue that is affordable and offers value in what you pay for. There should be enough amenities in place, space needs to be enough for all and is in a secure area. Booking the venue should be done at least a week before so that you are sure there will be no last minutes disappointments. Paying early also lets you get discounts, which you certainly need to take advantage of.

2. Main activity

Team building activities or parties should be themed with an all-inclusive activity. Before you pick a venue, consolidate your employees’ opinions on the activity they would prefer for the day. Once you have a decision made on the main activity, you may now pick a venue that can feature the event. The venue needs to be large enough to host the numbers and has space to have fun while you engage in the activity. A good example can be if you are up for a sports activity, hire an athlete stadium. It should also have plenty of relaxing which people can use once they are tired and still room for the rest who are up and down.

3. Enough staff to assist

While you pick the venue, it’s crucial that you also consider the staff who will be servicing you. It’s not worth picking a venue where you will be on your own throughout the day once you arrive and start the day’s event. The venue management should have staff in place who are assigned to you if you need anything such as food, drinks, first aid, audio-equipment assistance, etc ( Ask first if they have staff assigned to events before you decide and end up servicing yourself instead of having fun, which you need to relieve you from work pressures.

4. Accessibility

Lastly, the place you are holding the event needs to be physically accessible in terms of arrival and caters for those with special needs. The route leading to the venue should be one familiar by all, and they should have no issues arriving. There should also be enough packing space if you do not take the organization bus to the day’s event. While considering special-needs accessibility, there needs to be amenities that cater to the disabled such as rumps in entrances.